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I recently had the opportunity to work with some lovely ladies at Savor living.  I love supporting local entrepreneurs and Nicole is such a sweet heart.  I met her a few years ago, and when she asked if I would photograph her again, I jumped at the chance.  She is opening up her own vegan prepared foods shop.  You have to stop by her website and order some of these dishes.  They look amazing.  Here’s a little bit about how her whole idea came to volition. Opening soon!!!

Here is a short Bio:

I am a butcher’s daughter, literally! In fact, I come from a family of butchers – my father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and uncles – all butchers. So you might wonder – how does a butcher’s daughter, with a long career in real estate, decide she should create a plant-based meal delivery service?

This journey began with my 2015 New Year’s resolution. I wanted to investigate deliberate and conscientious changes that could lead to a more fulfilling life. I was not unhappy by any means, but somehow knew that there was room for more. Not “more” in the sense of physical possessions, rather more fulfillment, more satisfaction & more joy in my everyday life. I wanted to live in the moment, and find a creative outlet that I was truly passionate about. While my career in real estate was successful, it just didn’t provide that sense of fulfillment. It was time for a change.

For as long as I can remember, my kitchen has been one of the places where I am happiest and most relaxed. Cooking, and being creative with food, is something I am truly passionate about – experimenting with recipes, preparing meals, enjoying those meals with family and friends and so on.

At the same time, I was pursuing the continuous improvement of my own physical health and well-being. Several years ago, I had started researching various dietary changes and how they might help me reach my personal goals. The more I learned about Plant-Based Nutrition, whole foods and clean eating, the more I found that it was the right solution for me, and I fully embraced those changes in my own diet. For me, those changes were never about what I was not eating. Instead, I was becoming more aware of what I was eating, and what I could eat, and I liked it!

So it was all right there in front of me. I felt passionately about food and nutrition, and the way food and nutrition impact our lives, and I wanted to share that. I enrolled in a Plant-based Nutrition Certification Program and it’s changed my life. Savor Living is the result of that passion, and my learning from that program. It’s a business born of my desire to share what I’ve learned with my family, friends and community, and I look forward to sharing with you as well!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
― Hippocrates

Nicole lives in Oakville. When she’s not in the Savor Kitchen, she keeps busy being mom to three great children – two sons and a daughter. As a parent, she relates to every parent’s struggle to teach our children how to make healthy food choices, and is proud that her children have embraced some of the important nutritional benefits and dietary changes that she believes in. Her husband is an established Optometrist in Oakville. In addition to being her greatest source of support and a talented photographer – blame him when you can’t resist a menu item due to those tempting pictures! – he has also embraced a Plant Based diet.
The Website is


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