Mind blown…….I’m Irish

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The little I know about my family history comes from a grade 8 Family tree project.  From that project, I learned that my roots have been in Canadian soil for generations.  I knew that my grandfather on my mother’s side was born in England.  That about sums it up.  So I assumed, I was of English descent.  My husband never believed me…..often saying take a look in the mirror…..you’ve got Irish in you.  Apparently my flaming locks gave me away.  What a generalization.   I had no other evidence to indicate that that may in fact be true.  At least not until I stumbled upon a family history book.  It dates back to 1802…..1802!!!!!!  And do you know what I discovered?  I’M IRISH!!!!!!  My great, great great grandfather was born in Ireland in 1802.   He married Nancy Cunningham from Scotland.  In 1833, he immigrated to Canada in a ship like so many other immigrants.  Traveling at sea for six weeks in terrible conditions.  Once in Canada, they proceeded westward to their new home in Nicol Township and actually constructed their home by hand in the course of a week or so.  In a letter written by Alex Fordyce, my great, great, great grandfather was highly regarded.  “We have every Sunday has a sermon read in the tavern b Mr T Moore, and Irishman, who has a farm here, and who prays very well, and there being some good singers we get on very well.”  I guess I did not inherit the singing gene lol.

So, this year, St Patrick’s day holds a new place in my heart…..bring on the Guiness and green beer….we’ve got some celebrating to do!!!!

My great, great, great grandmother: Nancy Cunningham
My Great, great grandfather (middle back row)


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