Dragon Slayer

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I was driving to a hockey tournament this weekend, and the sky was full of fluffy white clouds.  As we were driving, I noticed that one of the clouds looked just like a dragon.  I immediately thought….wouldn’t that be a great photo idea?  Once I got back home, I immediately ran to the halloween store (my favourite place ever) and found me a dragon slayer costume and sword.  I got decked out, hopped in the car and went to my favourite inconspicuous photo location.  While I was setting up, in the distance I saw a lone figure approaching who was decked out in full on camouflage.  As he got closer, I noticed that not only was he in camo, he was carrying arrows………I immediately thought….oh no…….a possible duel???  Luckily for him, he walked on by, obviously intimated by my attire.

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