What I see when I look in your eyes

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I am participating in a weekly challenge called the Lightbulb Project.  Each week we are given a theme and asked to take a photo dealing with the selected theme.  This week was “reflection”.  I recently saw a photo by Rosie Hardy and it resonated with me, so I decided to use it as my inspiration.

When I look into my son’s eye’s, I see myself in so many ways reflected back to me.  The positive traits, yet I also see some of my traits that I consider negative.  Instead of negative, let’s use the idea of works in progress.  When I look in his eyes, and see those works in progress, I know that they are….works in progress as he has many more healthy and constructive ways of dealing with them then I ever had.  He is able to recognize them and learn to be better despite them, rather then let them define him.

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