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It has been a while since I uploaded images for my 365 Life Photo Project.  But, I have been plugging away at it. Celebrating 17 years of friendship with the girls that I went to Occupational Therapy school with at the University of Toronto.  We spent an evening together reminiscing…..thanks for the friendships  xoOne thing I learned that night with the girls…..putting your phone in a glass amplifies the volume……Thanks for that tid bit MichOne of the Greek traditions for Easter (which was celebrated on May 5th this year) is cracking eggs that are dyed red.  Each person selects an egg (which is hard boiled btw) and proceeds to hit their opponents egg on each end.  Whoever is the last one holding an uncracked egg winsThis year Andreas won.  The above image is the WINNING EGGWith warmer weather comes requests for SlushiesAndreas has been an Islanders fan ever since I can remember…….And this year they made it to the playoffs.  Maybe next year they will make it a bit further?????  Well played IslandersMaking Mother’s Day breakfastThis year the boys and I attended the Lantern Release held annually by the Lighthouse for Grieving Children in honour of my mom.   Despite the rain….and then thunder……..and lightening, there was a good turn out and it was a memorable evening.Spring has sprung.  I drive by this garden everyday…..I just couldn’t resist stopping and taking a photo.  The man next door thought it quite odd, especially since I was lying on his neighbours driveway with camera in hand when he came outside.One of our favourite past times…….Horse shoesJust me and the boys….and my wireless triggerAnd that is a wrap…….No more photos for today 🙂Where has the time gone?  My son is officially taller than meI attended an exhibit of Arnaud Maggs this week.  These images are inspired by his exhibit.  He asked people to stand still as he moved in a circle around them photographing them.  Sometimes he asked them to take two photos one front view and one side profile without changing anything.  It is amazing how many people were unable to do that….they fix their hair…changed their facial expression…..and in my case…..couldn’t stop smiling

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