Week 8

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1.  The wolf man has been a frequent guest in our house this week.  More images to follow

2.  While making dinner one night, I looked up and saw this heart on one of our couch cushions……..the sun was sneaking in through the blinds and created such a lovely reminder for me to keep following my heart…

3.  Our memory jar sitting on the table was almost glowing with the evening sun……it was magical……hopefully a sign of things to come

4.  My view of my oldest son on Saturday mornings (playing video games)

5.  A hand print on the shower door……..had such a presence.  I had to capture it.  Dripping wet I ran for my camera

6.  My youngest son on Friday morning before school….no wonder we can never get out the door on time.  Caught ya!!!!

7.  My sons are huge wrestling fans and invited a few friends over to watch the big pay per view show…….we had an in house competition guessing who would win each match. The winner received a mini trophy

8.  To qualify for busing to school, we live one house to close to the school, so I usually drive them to and from.  On occasion I have asked if they would walk home.  I recently heard the following reply   “no thanks mom……we prefer the ROCKSTAR treatment”  SO, here is my rockstar image of my son in the backseat.

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