Week 7

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Week 7……..where has the time gone?

1.  My infamous George Costanza wallet

2.  Since starting this project, it is amazing what you notice……this is paint from parking lines mixed with blue ice melter pellets……this was one of those times when I was approached and asked “what are you doing?”, whereby I have yet to come up with a good reply

3.  The new necklace that I received from my very talented friend Stephanie Flynn of Stephanie Flynn designs www.sfdesigns.ca

4.  I was taking photos of my son….I was captivated by the reflection in the window……it was very spiritual……it brought me peace when I noticed the image reflecting back at me……when he stopped and said, “This is so embarrassing.  What if someone sees me?”  I confidently told him that no one was going to see him.  Who would have known that within the next minute a woman walking by would stop, point and stare…….my poor son…..

5.  Icicles…..I don’t think that I have ever taken a close look.  They are so interesting…..some almost look like arthritic fingers….reminiscent of my grandmother

6.  My inability to park centred within the lines……for some reason I always park on a slight diagonal.  The running joke when I drop the boys off at school is…..”ok….I think I got it this time” and then we get out and look and I am always off kilter

7.  I decided that although I love Hersey kisses, I definitely prefer Hersey Hugs……

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