week 16 and 17

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Week 16 and 17 bring a mix match of images…..
Home work…….Playing with my new lensRainy day……self portrait.  While washing dishes I noticed that every time I place the dish soap down, bubbles are released.
Bored……need I say more?Reunited!!! My husband had been in the UK for 10 days for work.  Very happy little guy when his dad returnedOur annual Earth day clean up.  Despite the cold weather, this year we doubled our collection.  We spent a few hours gathering trash…..it is amazing what you find, and topped it all off with three hot chocolates.
Just messing around……the things we do to entertain ourselvesmore new lens playWishing for sunny days………The boys are videographers…..always creating new films.  They were watching their bloopers…..couldn’t resist reaching for my camera to capture their laughterWe participated in the WWF CN tower climb.  Over 1700 steps in under 30 minutes……..way to go team Kakaletris

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