week 12

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The week started out with birthday celebrations!!!!!  The boys were so bummed that I partied solo……while they went to school.  Happy birthday to me!!!!
One of my favourite parts of working out is the quiet moments afterwards…..time to reward yourself for your efforts, and quiet the mind.  I turned my head and noticed a black piece of paper lying beside my matt.  When I looked closer, I realized that it was in the shape of a heart.  A gentle reminder to follow my heart……..live authentically……wow………Before anyone else noticed, I quickly grabbed the reminder and placed it in my pocket.  It was a great day
I love the way glass fogs up during a hot shower………Every morning I start my day with a glass of hot water and lemon.  I spend a few quiet moments each morning in front of the kitchen sink shaking the cob webs away…..usually in a complete daze.  This morning I was captivated by the way the water from the tap hit the sink creating rhythmic patternsThis is the view that I encounter each time I pick up prints…….I love this place.  It is so tranquil…….so therapeutic.  I could just sit there for hours
another throw the glass imageThis week was filled to the brim with hockey championships.  Both of my sons teams played in the finals……..So proud of you two.  Congratulations the win!  My youngest is a goalie and it came down to shoot outs.  What a game.  My oldest….won their division, but lost the final game.  Great season!!!!!  Looks like we need a trophy shelf!!!

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