week 11

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we heard about a family who is in need of some assistance.  Mom was pregnant with her fourth child.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, she passed away during delivery.  The family is struggling financially and trying to make ends meet.  Dad is busy trying to care for 4 children under the age of 4 1/2.  So we set out with a list and tackled the grocery store looking for things that we thought might be helpful.  It was a great opportunity to help a family in need, while at the same time, teaching the boys about the value of a dollar.  If you would like to support the family please contact sheen.a27@gmail.comMarch break started with a throat infection.  He spent five days under the covers, on the couch. Once he was up to it, he had a warm bath……..and I took out my cameraFeeling better…..the creative juices were flowing in our house.  My youngest came to the dinner table dressed in a wig and balloon breasts, blowing kisses to the crowd underwater bath tub playAfter spending the afternoon filming a movie with some friends, the boys forgot their Yoda mask at the park.  Who could resist a reenactment of their screen play???

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