Wall of Faces and the masks we wear

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This is the second image for my new series about fears and secrets.  After talking to people who were willing to share, one recurrent theme was the idea of wearing masks…masks that hide our fears, our emotions, and even our true identities.  We all wear different masks at one time or other.  The mask that hides our sadness from others and presents a happy exterior.  Masks that hide who we are and portray what people want to see about us.  Masks that hide our fear despite our outward appearance of confidence.  The self basher, the control freak, the martyr, the bully, the people pleaser……we wear these masks to keep us from being hurt, and vulnerable.  How do you feel about the face that you are portraying to the world.   It is exhausting constantly trying to pretend to be someone we are not.  Why are we so afraid of being authentic?

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