Toronto Greek Orthodox Baptism

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I must admit, I have never played the “I am Greek” card.  But, it did come in handy during this Greek Baptism.  There are so many details that are so important to capture.  So many intricacies.

When I got married, I was baptized into the Greek Orthodox religion.  Let’s just say that the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” did not portray my baptism experience accurately.  I was baptized at the monastery, with what felt like one hundred nuns scurrying  around me, and a huge silver caldron which to me at the time, resembled something you would cook with if you were a giant.  So,  every time I witness a Greek Orthodox Baptism, memories come pouring in……..and this weekend’s baptism was no exception.  This baptism took place at St George’s Greek Orthodox church in Toronto, which is coincidently the same church that I was married in.  And unlike my own personal baptism, there was very little crying……..(just kidding-although the triple complete submersions did catch me off guard at my own baptism)  Watching the ceremony unfold, from behind my camera, was fascinating…….It really took my breath away.  From behind my camera, I noticed so many things that I had overlooked during my own baptism, my children’s baptisms and my god children’s baptisms…….It is such an honour to be able to witness a ceremony that is held in such high regard. Thank you so much for trusting me to capture this milestone.  xo

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