Too much time on my Hands

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It seems like lately every time the question of “how are you” is asked, the reply is soooooo busy.  When did being busy become the status quo?  I suppose the notion of living a crazy busy life signals to others that your time and attention are valued.  Busy makes us feel less inadequate in a way.  Where are the carefree days spent reading a book, or sitting leisurely in a cafe?  Or really and truly doing nothing at all.  Is that even possible without self guilt?  .  Like everyone, I am always trying to maximize the amount of work I get done within a period of time and with a given amount of energy.  But it seems like no matter how much we accomplish or produce, no matter how early we wake up, or how late we stay up being productive, it will never make us feel like we are enough.

If I am honest, I like being busy.  It is comfortable for me.  I like having to do lists and LITTLE tasks that can be efficiently check off as DONE.  Busyness makes me feel useful and productive and not just a waste of space.  But there is a fine line of comfortable busyness for m at least.  When my calendar becomes super charged and I don’t have time to sit still with myself or even hear my own thoughts, that’s when I am most unhappy and dissatisfied.  Things feel out of control and I’m a fan of controlling my own time and how I spend it.  I strive for the happy middle ground of being busy.  Busy but not too busy. It gets me out of bed in the morning, keeps me charged and motivated, but doesn’t wipe me out at the end of the day, or take away from my quality time with my loved ones.  Where is your happy middle ground? And what can you not do today that will allow you more time to spend in your happy place?

This image is dedicated to reducing the “BUSY” and spending more time in the happy middle ground of busy but not too busy.

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