The value of friendship

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Whether they were heros, poets, scholars or leaders, the brightest minds in human history have thought about values and their meanings.  Although friendship holds no survival value, it definitely contributes to the value of survival (C.S Lewis) Today I spoke with a dear friend whom recently moved across the country to fulfill her dream of returning to her roots.  It has been sometime since we spoke and somehow just hearing her voice made me realize how much I miss her.  This particular friend is a dear confidant.  She is someone whom I rely on for her honesty.  She is someone who despite living on oppostie sides of this country somehow manages to sit on my shoulder and give me advice and direction.  She is my friend.   The value of friendship is something that I often do not  take the time to really appreciate.  But today, I paused and reflected upon our friendship and just how much it means to me.   It is so easy to take friendships for granted.  It is times when you need a friend that you realize just what kind of value friendship holds.  Nothing can compare or ever replace the genunie connection between two people who not only understand each other, but want the very best of all things in life each other.   Thanks for the talk today.  You are never far from my thoughts.  xo

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