The soul made visible

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Lise is one of those people who is refreshing to be around, to get to know and to interact with.  She is so passionate and kind.  I was a little taken a back when I first got her email asking for some photos.  She is an astrologer.  Something I know little about other than that I am an aries.  I did a crash course in astrology 101 before meeting with her, just so I wouldn’t make a complete fool of myself. Little did I know just how much is involved.  It is really so scientific and technical.  Not at all what I had expected.

When I met her, I felt like we instantly clicked.  We just got each other.  It was amazing to watch her during this photo session.  There were magical times, when she was able to remove pretense and facade from her repertoire and just be herself.  It was so wonderful to witness. Thank you so much for being you, and giving me a glimpse into your soul.

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