The lights are on, but no one is home

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A friend recently posted that she felt so alone in a room full of people.  Her words have been in my mind for days now.   I have felt like that far too often.  Almost wishing that I could just hide between the cushions of the nearest chair and disappear.  I wanted to create a photo that reflects that idea of loneliness.  Not necessarily feeling lonely in a room full of people, yikes, that would be a difficult concept to capture.  I just wanted to create an image about escaping negative feelings or situations.  Like avoiding that neighbour who always invites themselves in, so you hide under the cushions when the doorbell rings, or that so and so you want to avoid running into so you walk the long way home…..the list goes on and on.  This concept even brought me back to my childhood….playing hide and go seek……..hiding to avoid being seen and having to be it.  Oh my goodness, I hated being it……

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