The girl with hair that reminded me of an octopus

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Back in the water………oh how I have missed it.  There is something about photographing people in water that ignites my inner drive….my creativity and my sense of myself.  I feel at ease in the water.  I feel at home.  Wherever this journey takes me, I know that my foundation is here… water, with my camera.  And oh what a journey…I decided to upgrade from my fancy bag that I use for my underwater photography and purchased a second hand case made specifically for my camera.  Great idea right?   Not…..Lesson 5001 in the handbook of Lora’s what not to do.  When your livelihood depends on it, get new…….check it twice and then again.  Never…I mean never, trust in good faith that what supposedly works great for someone else will do the same for you.  Without thinking, I followed the instructions provided, sealed in my camera, and got swept away in the excitement and fluidity that this new case provided me.  I was able to actually see my subject…and wasn’t fighting with a floating camera bag filled with air….. usually my camera/bag is so buoyant that I constantly fight staying below the surface.  Before I knew it, the case was leaking… camera sitting in about a centimetre of pool water……Keeping my cool, I immediately removed the camera from the case and reverted to “Old reliable” and continued with the shoot without missing a beat…or at least I hope that is the way it appeared……  My camera is currently resting in a bed of rice as I pray to the camera gods to restore its abilities.  Here is one image I captured before it’s demise.  2015-07-04_0001

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