The Beauty of releasing your inner demons

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I didn’t set out to create an image with deep meaning.  I was going for beautiful and really just playing with my camera.  But, when I uploaded the images onto my computer, I began seeing things that I hadn’t seen in my camera.  If you look closely, you may see a face or two.  When I saw the faces, I began thinking of the process of releasing your inner most demons.  Someone once suggested that put a face to some of my demons in order to confront them.  This image to me, began to represent jus that…the idea of what happens when we confront these demons.  Regardless of our past, we all hold something inside that we would love to eradicate from our life.  Regret that lingers on your mind telling youth you are a failure.  Nightmares and fears that creep into your dreams and destroy them.  Aspects of yourself that you don’t want anyone to know.  We all have good and bad sides of ourselves.  It is the bad sides, that I am referring to as inner demons.  The ones that tell you that you are not enough.  That you are not worthy.  Confronting them head on and challenging them….well there is beauty and release in doing just that.

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