"Lora is a true pro when it comes to securing the looks her clients are after, while collaborating to achieve them.  She has that “intangible” quality of knowing what to shoot and also what to suggest in the moment, allowing the end result to visually speak for itself.”   – Kym

"Lora makes the transition from a client’s verbal to visual needs artistically seamless.She is a true talent who epitomizes the ability to set you at ease, in a private and comfortable setting, while all the while keeping the lens focused on your end goal.” Kym
Lora was referred to me by a friend who had used her for a corporate shoot and had said “She’s Amazing!”  That statement couldn’t have been more true.  From the outset, Lora provided excellent guidance with colour coordination, positioning, lighting and effortless transitions.  Her studio is top notch and very accessible   The results were JUST the photos I was looking for.  Thank you for your creative eye and expertise. – Janet
I recently hired Lora to take head shots of me for my business.  I chose her not because her specialty was head shots or for her cost (she is priced competitively with the other photographers out there) but primarily because her body of work had a thoughtfulness and respect for her subjects that I felt would bring a unique perspective to this otherwise seemingly routine task.  Lora is first and foremost, in my view, an artist - her work has emotion and movement.  Working with her, she is quiet but determined to make the most of her subject and takes the time to get the shots she feels are necessary to fulfill the objective of the job.  She is communicative and receptive before, during and after the session and you get a sense of her commitment to her craft.  I would highly recommend her as someone who you could count on in capturing the essence of a moment you want to remember.   – Yiin
I have to admit I was nervous to get my professional head shots done...I'm not really one to love a photo shoot.   That changed the moment I started working with Lora.  It was like hanging out with a good friend all day.  She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and I could see that she really cared about getting the best shots.   When it came time for the proofs Lora couldn't have been more patient and gracious.  She was happy to make them just right and ensure that the end result was something I was going to love.   I cannot speak highly enough about Lora's talent and abilities...she is a class act all the way.   – Molly

“I recently had the pleasure to work with Lora. I was asked to have some photos taken of myself that were a bit out of my comfort zone. Lora immediately put me at ease and made the photo shoot a fun and enjoyable experience. She had a great imagination and took photos that I would never have thought of. I was not the easiest subject to work with and she made it look effortless! I would recommend Lora to anyone who is looking for a photographer who makes her subjects feel at ease and has a wonderful creative flair! Thank you so much Lora

– Jolanda R

Lora has a way of quietly encouraging you to show yourself while she becomes invisible behind her lens.  On my first photo shoot, she brought props and ideas and soon I was dancing on the beach!  That was four years ago and I still use those beautiful photos for my portraits.  2 years later on my next photo shoot, I was feeling more playful and creative.  I’d just come out of a divorce and was opening a new chapter and Lora captured both sides perfectly.  Lora caught the release that I felt, and the joy and fun that was in my eyes and spirit again.  Her shots were so validating to me and I felt so beautiful and light seeing myself in those photographs.  If you want to explore a creative or shy side, or capture a moment in your life then Lora is a perfect photographer.  If you want to move past the ‘match-and-smile’ family portraits and have someone capture your raw or more authentic essence, then a photo shoot with Lora will be memorable and a memory worth a lifetime. – Lise  

“Many of us, like myself, are photophobic, we shy away from the camera because, we frankly, are fearful of the result.Maybe we have a weight or personal image phobia, or just have never taken the time to actually learn to smile for the camera. Whatever our constraint is, it results in few photos to share with friends, loved ones or our business interests. This is unfortunate because we don’t share ourselves with all those special people visually, and a picture does, indeed, speak a thousand words. Lora, you have a rare talent for putting people at ease, making them feel relaxed and confident, and bringing out their true photogenic beauty and inspiration, I know and am entirely grateful for that.”

– Peter P

"Working with you for my photo shoot was a true gift and I treasure the memories and pictures I have of that day. Prior to the photo shoot, you took the time to get to know me and what I wanted to shine through in the photos. Your calm, confident and encouraging presence allowed me to feel comfortable in front of the camera and embrace the experience. You didn't just take pictures but rather captured moments and the meaning behind the pictures. I smile whenever I look at the pictures from my photo shoot and am in awe of you and your talent. I am so thankful that I had the honour of working with you and I cherish the images that you created through your photography. Words cannot express my gratitude to you and the images you captured and shared with me." --Kim