Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

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I had the great pleasure of photographing five beautiful teenaged girls a few days before Christmas.  It was absolutely FREEZING outside and the wind added an extra punch.  But, these girls were so FAB!!!!!  We all bundled up and headed into the FRIGID….great outdoors…..Parkas: check, Hats: check, hot pockets: check, Winter boots: check.  But the one thing that I didn’t bring was Mittens.  I always wear fingerless gloves when I am working…..I just need to have my finger tips exposed.  Need to feel my camera and all its’ buttons……….my poor little finger tips paid the price.  But, it wasn’t until we were taking the tractor back that I realized just how cold they were.

These girls however never complained……..they even threw off their boots and danced around in socks.  They were such a delight to spend the afternoon with.  They even serenaded me with Christmas carols.  In between shots, they huddled together with hot pockets in tow…….it was an afternoon that brought me back to my teenage years…….and made me feel like part of the gang as we chatted about movies, and make up.  Thank you so much for the fun afternoon.  You were absolutely Fabulous  xo

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