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There is something so uplifting about spending time with like minded souls.  I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Stephanie of Stephanie Flynn Designs  Stephanie is just one of those people who gets it.  I find that by spending more time with like minded souls, in a way is kinda therapeutic.  They make you want to build new things, run faster, eat healthier, dream bigger and live on an all new level all together.  Stephanie is one of those people. She is a kind soul.  She is creative and passionate.  By spending time with Stephanie, I gain strength and momentum.  Spending time with like minded people really makes you see things from a new perspective.  You begin to really believe that your dreams are attainable.  Without the support from others, we are never likely to do ground breaking things.  Things that we are meant to do.  Things like chase our dreams.  I think that one of the biggest reasons that people don’t take the leap is for fear that people around you may think that you are crazy.   By adopting this mind set, before you know it, you will think you are crazy too.  And all of a sudden you are back to doing what everyone else is doing.  We should all be crazy enough to think things can be different.  Better.  Stephanie has taught be that business and passion are not a means for making a living but simply a way of life.  She is fuelled by her passion and creativity and makes the unthinkable possible. She is a true inspiration.  Cheers to our CRA-ZAE-ZEE_NESS!!!!

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