Spring has sprung

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I find that my creativity tends to follow that familiar cycle of ebbing and flowing.  Some days I feel like I am on fire…so much in my head that I want to get out….so many ideas.  Other days, I feel static….stuck in nothingness.  I try to find quiet moments to reflect during these times.  Sometimes during times of quiet, you allow your inner voice to be heard.  Recently, I have discovered the power of walking…..walking by myself…no music to distract me.  I am amazed where my thoughts go.  I can get quite absorbed with my thoughts and have found myself being a walking hazard at times…..With the change of season, my creativity can ebb….or flow depending on the season.  Spring I find encourages creative thinking….colours return to our external environment…..people start going outside again after being inside for months hibernating…..birds chirp……It really is a magical time.  This image was created with spring in mind.  But, true to me…there is a spin…I have been very obsessed with the work of Brooke Shaden, and this image definitely has some Brooke influence.2016-03-23_0001

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