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I posted this image on various social media, and it has received a lot of attention for a lot of reasons so I thought I would take some time to talk about it.  A lot of my new water work, has focused on the concept of fear.  I titled this image “Shame”.  It was intended to illustrate the gripping hold that fear often has on our ability to move forward.  The intensity of the darkness that can surround us when we are confronting our demons and personal struggles.  My hope is that in seeing these images, that it resonates with someone… them hope that their feelings are not unknown to others.  That they are not alone in their struggle.

I am a big believer in synchronicities.  While preparing for this blog post, my daily message from the universe popped up in my hotmail.  I subscribe to which sends you a message from the universe on a daily basis.  A little cooky, I know, but more often than not, the message resonates.  Today’s message was:
I am always there. I am always helping. I never leave you.

I was there yesterday, Lora. And every day before that.

I’m with you now, and I’ll be there every day that ever follows.

I mean, where else am I going?
The Universe


I thought it was so fitting for this blog post, it was almost uncanny.


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