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I recently attended an inspiring photography conference and had the pleasure of meeting one of my favourite photographers Joel Robison. During one of his lectures, he talked about when he was a child and worried a lot. He worried so much, that it kept him up at night. He mentioned this to a teacher of his who offered some advice. She suggested that each time worry crept into his mind, that he should imagine himself putting it in a box and then putting the box into the basket of a hot air balloon. Then when it feels like the balloon is filled with worry, to imagine himself cutting the rope and watching it float away. I frantically wrote this story down so that I would not forget it.
Joel’s story inspired me to create a photo about worry using his teacher’s idea of hot air balloons. I sometimes feel like I store my worry. I pack it up and put it in a suitcase. We can carry worry with us wherever we go. Worry can keep you up at night, it can distract you from work, or conversations and affect how you treat people especially if you are worried about them. We worry about big things like money or our health, and small things like being on time, running out of gas, or how we look. However something ends up never depends on how much you worry about it. Release your worries and all the stress and sadness that comes with them.

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