My most heartfelt photo session to date

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I was recently asked by this beautiful woman to photograph her.  She is currently fighting breast cancer and in the middle of chemotherapy treatment.  She has lost her hair.  She has lost her energy.  She has lost part of herself…….but she has not lost everything.  Her determination to fight is admirable.  She refuses to let this disease define who she is.  She is a true hero from my perspective.  She demonstrates both strength and courage on a  daily basis.  Refusing to give in…refusing to give up.  And although I was beyond honoured that she reached out to me to help her create an image that reflected this time in her life, I was so anxious and nervous about doing it justice.  How can you incorporate so many emotions and feelings into one image?  I wanted to create an  image that reflected where she is at this moment in her life, so that in years to come, after she has won this battle,  she can look back on it with pride, and love.    At the same time, I wanted the image to reflect her vulnerability, her strength and determination.  Very different characteristics to try to mould into one.   I desperately searched inward to help visualize the image that I wanted to create.  An image that I felt would accurately reflect her struggle and her strength.  Her reaction to the image validated that I was in fact able to accomplish what I set out to do.  She was very emotional and I had a very difficult time maintaining my composure.  And although the image was greeted with uncontrollable tears…there was an emotional release…..there was gratitude and there was an outpouring of love…..Thank you from the bottom of my heart for challenging me to create this image, and for trusting that I would be able to incorporate all of you into one two dimensional frame.  xo2015-09-22_0001

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