My head is swimming

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I have been working on this image for weeks.  Constantly unsatisfied with what I am seeing…..frustrated in that I didn’t achieve what I set out to do.  In fact, it has taken me to a place that I don’t like.  A place void of creativity and where negativity is in abundance.  Not a good place to be as an artist, but one that we all visit from time to time.  If I am honest, I think it was doomed from the beginning but I promised myself to keep plugging away.  So, although I am not happy with the outcome, I think I need to accept this fact and move on.  No more dwelling…..not more obsessing.  Just acceptance…. and recognition that failure is ok…….It is part of the process.  Not every photo turns out…..every concept does not materialize into a work of art.  But, I put it out there for the simple reminder that it is ok to fail.  As Brooke Shaden has said “The moment we stop trying is when we stop having failures and we become a failure”.  

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