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People often ask me how I stay motivated creatively. And, if I am completely honest the answer is creativity for me comes in waves. There are moments of time…sometimes hours, days or weeks where I feel like I am on fire…..ideas are coming from everywhere. I feel energized! I feel alive. It is those moments where I stop everything else that I am doing and create…But, more often than not, I wait….I plug away at remedial tasks, I do the work that pays my bills, I meditate, I work out, I cook, I read…..and I wait for that feeling to ignite. Today is a waiting day. I am busy doing things that I have put off….like cleaning my house :(, well that’s a lie…I only do that if I absolutely must…..I am in my head today…It is days like today that I like to be alone and just quiet. It is almost like my body regenerating in a way..building up reserves for when the next creative wave hits.

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