Montgomery’s Inn

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One of my goals over the past year has been to get my work exhibited.  I have spent countless hours applying to gallery submissions, talking to curators and really trying to get my work seen.  It has been an uphill battle.  So many doors close before one opens.  It takes hard work, perseverance and belief in yourself to make dreams a reality.  Being an artist is tough.  I remember talking with Deb Schwedhelm a few years ago about being a fine art photographer and she told me then that it really required having tough skin.  Everyone has an opinion about your work and it is not always positive.  I  have spent many hours thinking that I wasn’t good enough.  I have shed many tears.  I have been so frustrated at times that I have considered giving up.  But that little voice inside me…you know the one that says to each and every one of us that there is something beautiful and special in all of us and that the way you see the world is unique.  The voice that encourages you to embrace all that you are, and believe in yourself?  Sometimes that voice is so soft spoken that I do not hear it.  But other times, it screams so loud that I am forced to listen and absorb…….

Thanks to the art jury at Montgomery’s Inn, My “Dark Waters” series is being exhibited this month in their community room.  I am hosting a meet the artist night April 9 from 7 pm-9pm…….and there will be cupcakes to further entice you (my favourite indulgence next to birthday cake)   I hope to see some of your beautiful faces on Saturday.  Thank you so all of your support.  xoposter

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