Merry Christmas

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Since our family Christmas card this year has been getting a lot of attention, I thought that I would show some of the out takes from our little family session.  This whole thing started last year when I put together a dance compilation card for our family Christmas card. The photos were chosen from what started out as a random family dancing session, and has turned into a photo series that I am still working on. More on that later.  That card was so well received, that the boys and I decided to start a family tradition.  Every year we will attempt to create a unique and fun family photo Christmas card.   So, this year, after a family brain storming session, we decided to go CHRISTMAS GANGSTER STYLE.  I wasn’t sure how we were going to pull it off.  But I set out on a mission…….and that mission was finding the perfect Gangster Christmas accessory.  I was surprised just how easy it was to find.  Who knew they even made such a thing.  But honestly,  what says Christmas like a Ho Ho Ho gold rope chain?   The boys added their personal touches (all three of them).  After all, it is a family effort.  I hope you enjoy the glimpse into our family Gangster Christmas session.  Wishing you all much deserved health and happiness.  xo

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