Making Lemons

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Let’s just say this has been a week like no other.  The universe has been playing with me……..with a twisted, juvenile sense of humour no less.  I have never really been a true believer of luck.  I have always believed that people are in control, to some extent, of the direction their lives take.  If you view yourself as a lucky person, than good things will happen.  I am not suggesting that I live my life believing in magic fairy dust or flying unicorns……I am a realist after all.  But there has to be something to it.  I have had some catastrophic curve balls sent me way.   However, I have chosen to turn off that helpless, defeated feeling, move forward, and attempt to work my way out of negative circumstances with a lot of laughter and a touch of  logic.  Well, my views of luck were challenged this week when my computer’s hard drive went belly up during “tax season” for photographers.  My thoughts definitely dabbled in the area of “how unlucky I was”.  The universe was testing me…………forcing me to participate in the infamous “good luck/bad luck game”.  You know the one……when you are stricken with something perceived as horrible, followed by a bizarre  stroke of luck.  So, here is how my week panned out……

First the server that supports my website and blog crashed.  After hours back and forth, my website was back online unscaved.    Bad luck followed by good luck if you will.

Number 2. My blog content disappeared…..could not be retrieved.  I equate this to having your personal belongings stolen from you.  My thoughts, emotions…..about things that are important to me, sessions that were memorable to me, perspectives on life…..gone form the internet world…..bad luck.  Then I received an email that some of the posts were retrieved……..good luck.

Number 3.  This one is the kicker….while attempting to upgrade my operating system, my screen went grey, and I was greeted with the following message…..Install cannot be completed.  Hard drive has been damaged.  Unrepairable.  OMG….a photographers worst nightmare.  I will be honest though, my initial reaction was physical.  I dropped to me knees, put my hands over my face, my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach……..panic at it’s purest.  I eventually pulled my self together and had a moment of solitude.  A moment to try to reason with this UNIVERSE.  I came to the conclusion that if bad things come in threes.  Therefore good things must come in threes.    This was not a smooth transition I must admit.  And in retrospect, there was a whole lot of doubt, and fear.  And a whole lot of shopping for clothes to help take my mind off of what was happening.  Despite, more than 72 hours of uncertainty………..all is balanced in the universe.  My computer had 51 days left of it’s warranty.  I received a new hard drive for my computer, and thank goodness for my TIME MACHINE…….and regimented triple back up system, I have not lost a single file.  I do however, have a few new sweaters, and a rather large  VISA bill thanks to shopping therapy.  “Somethings, life throws you lemonade, so you just have to make lemons.  Life will be like all….WHHHHATTT???”  Thanks Phil Dumphey.


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