Living in a fish bowl

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I dreamt of this idea while on vacation.  Sitting by the water’s edge, I watched the pelicans soaring through the sky, savouring each moment before taking the plunge into the unknown.  The image I dreamt of that night was of me, wading in the water, holding a fish bowl with gold fish while pelicans soared above.  Based on my research after the fact, apparently, we can think of fish as symbols of personal growth.  But, because they are confined in a bowl with no where to hide,   it’s as if I am trying to recognize and show to  the world, my inner most feelings, but I am afraid/protective of demonstrating such vulnerability   To see birds in your dreams, apparently symbolizes your goals, aspirations and hopes.  Seeing many birds, may suggest one is being pulled in many different directions.  Pelicans in particular are believed to represent nurturance, sacrifice and clarity.  The fact that the birds are present, and free, suggests to me that my goals, aspirations and hopes are attainable, if I am willing to step outside my comfort zone.

There are no failures when you are living your dreams.  Only success.  There will will be times when you feel both vulnerable and exposed, or when you will seek protection from the world.  But dreams are worth fighting for.  Life is meant to be lived passionately.  “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will”.  So, follow your dreams.  Live passionately.  Be your beautiful you.2014-09-03_0001

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