Hockey Family

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This was definitely one of my STINKIEST sessions EVER, but definitely one of the funnest.  I was so excited when Sharyn agreed to having part of the session take place in a hockey locker room.  This family is a hard core hockey family with all three boys actively participating in all levels of hockey.  So, once the idea was in place, Sharyn set out to getting access to a locker room.  I was so excited.  But, I didn’t expect all the gear to be in the room.  So, when I walked in I had to choke back my gag reflex.  And I thought the hockey area in my house stunk.  Thankfully, it didn’t take my nose long to adjust.  So happy that we settled on the locker room idea.  I think it definitely sums up this family at the present time.  Thank you so much for the fun morning!!!  xo

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