Breaking the patterns of Self Scrutiny

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How often do we scrutinize ourselves?  What standards do you hold yourself up to? How often do you unfairly judge yourself?  Often when I am photographing women they are so quick to criticize and judge themselves…..look at my wrinkles, my pudge, my dark circles, my smile…….I’ve heard it all.  In fact, I say many of these same things to myself about myself ever single day.  But, when I am working and hearing these beautiful women say these things about themselves, I get saddened.  Why can’t they see what I see?  Why are they so hard on themselves? So, I decided that I would create a photo that illustrates my hope that we can be kinder to ourselves.  Stop the self scrutiny and accept ourselves for who and what we are. I realize that is a huge undertaking and as I sit here writing this, I have heard my self scrutinizing voice more than I care to admit.  It is a process…..I get that.  I can’t expect to instantaneously no longer see my imperfections.  It will take time and persistence to quiet that little bugger who belittles, and judges and scrutinizes but I am determined to substitute these thoughts with praise, encouragement, self love and positivity. 

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