Fighting those dreaded January Blues

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Damnit…… those dreaded January blues have arrived.  Short days, cloudy skies and long nights inevitably take their toll.  Every January, I inevitably feel the January blues.  Yesterday, during a long and very cold walk with my dog, it began to snow.  The sky was grey, and as the snow began to cover the ground, I was reminded just how long winter really is and how hard it can be on your ability to cope with the misery that accompanies winter.  Rather than dwell on the negatives, I decided to try to create an image that can act as a reminder that not only are these January blues temporary but I can actively try to diminish their influence on my day to day life. Being outside, eating well, talking about my feelings, getting lots of exercise, and trying something new can all help alleviate some of the effects of winter blues.  So, I decided to be proactive, rather than do what I felt like doing today, which was curl up under the covers.  I grabbed my camera, photographed the snow and created an image that for me, will act as a reminder that I have some control over these blues.  They may not disappear, but I will do my best to continue to paint those skies blue until spring.

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