Escaping darkness

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Personal periods of “darkness” are something I think most of us experience.  Some more often than others.  Times when you feel unmotivated to get up in the morning and all you want to do is cocoon yourself under the blankets and avoid the world around you.  Times when you think nothing will change and things will always look bleak.  Times when all you see are clouded perspectives of reality.  Sometimes this darkness holds on tightly, almost taking over every breath, forbidding you to release its hold.  Sometimes it is almost like it is just reminding you that it hasn’t really left you, that it is part of you, but thankfully doesn’t stick around for long.  At least, that is what I experience when I am living in my personal darkness.  I created this image to remind myself that I have control over my thoughts and my actions/reactions.  How I deal with this darkness is up to me.  I can let it overwhelm me, or I can allow a quick visit, but then it has got to go.  Personal demons are like that for me.  Constantly present, yet frequently ignored, and left curb side.  I choose to look at the future with positivity, self love and acceptance.

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