Emotional Rescue

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I was recently listening to The Rolling Stones’ Emotional Rescue during my self allocated quiet the mind time.  It’s a bit ironic that my self allowed quiet the mind time is more often than not quiet.  It really is a time when I allow my mind to be quiet if it wants, or full of creative wisdom and brainstorming.  I approach this 5 minute daily window without judgement and just allow my brain to do as it will.

Anyways, back to the Rolling Stones and their song Emotional rescue……while listening to this song, I thought to myself what does that mean?  Emotional rescue?  Does it refer to a complete emotional meltdown?  Perhaps????  Later in the evening, my son, who wasn’t feeling well, was sniffling, and relaying all his symptoms to me, as I half listened.  He noticed that I wasn’t listening and just stopped talking.  The silence triggered my attention and I tried to fake my way out of it to no avail.  I was distracted by social media of all things…..well I quickly put my phone down and tried to make up for my “bad” mothering moment.  As I was drifting to sleep that evening, I thought to myself, does an emotional rescue have to be catastrophic ?  Or, can it actually be quite ordinary and occur every single day in some form or another?  Can an emotional rescue simply be the act of listening and recognizing the little things that people say and do that suggest that they need attention?  Everyone has emotional needs, needs that vary in intensity and scale,  and they vary from person to person depending on the circumstance etc.  Sometimes just being present, really and truly present, or offering a shoulder to cry on, or a sympathetic ear, or maybe an extra hand…..can mean so much.  Simple, everyday positive gestures can be the emotional rescue that someone in your life needs right now.  Who will you rescue today?

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