Earth Day 2012

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Today I spent quality time with my two sons and my godson.  We spent some time this morning cleaning up the litter around a pond across the street from our house.  Our earth day tradition.  What I thought would be a quiet chore if you will……  know how it goes moms out there….I supply the gloves and garbage bag, they participate for five minutes, and I end up doing most of the clean up myself.    I prepared myself mentally for this routine before heading out…..a little quiet time, a hot coffee…….Bring on the whining I thought to myself.  I was ready.  But to my delight, this morning was not routine in the least.  The boys  turned this morning into an adventure.  When I called the boys upstairs, they greeted me with swords and were armed with a video camera.

Hhhmmmmmm………Now, I could have insisted that they be practical.  Put the swords away, and turn off the camera.  They could play later.  But, hey….I am all about fostering creative expression.  So, with swords and video camera in hand, we headed out to take on the garbage, or so I thought.  Today turned out not only to be about earth day.  It was about thinking, exploring, discovery and imagination.  Please remember that I have three boys with me today, so the details of this adventure were very much fuelled by testosterone.  The movie they created involved a serial killer who was targeting people who didn’t conserve energy.  Not quite what I expected, but, boys will be boys after all.   Hey…….there are no limits to creative expression.  Bring on the CRA-ZAE-ZEE-NESS!!!!!

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