I dreamt of a house

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People have been fascinated with the meaning of dreams for Centuries.  In ancient times. Greeks and Romans believed in the importance of dreams to give information about past, present and future.  The more I delve into this dream series project, the more I become fascinated in the meaning of my mind’s nightly entertainment.

2014-06-12_0001Many of you Oakville friends may recognize this house.  It is a house that has recently been relocated (or at least I think it is recently) and stands on stilts on Dundas just opposite the Super centre.  It is interesting that this house, admittedly overlooked, made itself noticed in my subconscious.  When looking into the possible meaning of this a few interesting points were noted.  The house could represent my soul and self.  It may represent an attempt to leave behind my past, abandoning old identities in preparation for a transformation.  Seeing an old house may represent old beliefs and attitiudes.  Interestingly, I must have some resistance to this as I am still holding on to my “house”.  Aren’t dreams fascinating once you become aware of them?

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