Dream Series: Troubles ahead

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Sometimes I am inspired by window displays.  As I was driving the other day, I noticed an interesting window display.  It was of a mannequin whose hair was replaced with dozens of flowers.  It must have struck a cord because that night, I dreamt of being on the beach, with a mane of flowers blowing in the wind.  When I looked into the meaning of this, I found that if you see flowers in your hair it may foretell of troubles approaching which when they come to volition will give you less fear than when viewed from a distance.  I also read that although troubles will confront me, I will confront them with strength and patience.   I decided to use yellow flowers in this image because yellow is the colour of mind and intellect as well as optimism and cheerfulness.  If troubles lay ahead, I can only hope to confront them head on with optimism, patience, and strength.2014-06-23_0001

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