Disappearing act

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When my granny and I would sit down and try to knit, I always felt like I disappointed her.  I just couldn’t follow a pattern, or maintain a consistent tension.  She would constantly unravel hours of my work in order to fix a mistake.  I decided that knitting wasn’t for me.  I refused to even try after many failed attempts.  I wanted to create an image that illustrated the feeling that I wanted to just disappear in my knitted bundles of mistakes.  Never to been seen near a pair of knitting needles ever again.  In order to make this photo though, I had to pick up the needles and attempt to knit a costume without a pattern at all.  So much more difficult than I imagined.  It brought back so many of those same feelings.  Yet, I embraced the errors and in the end, I created something somewhat flawed, but in a way, exactly what I wanted.  

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