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I am in the midst of brain storming for my new series. I want to explore the ideas of dependency, resilience, and burden that we all feel from time to time throughout different phases of our lives.  I was thinking about the idea of feeling stuck in between dependency and independence.  The idea that you can feel like your life is so dependent on someone else (hence the clasped hands and interwoven IV support) , and at the same time, that very dependency can seem like a burden the the other person and they can feel like they cannot escape (the hands tied to the IV poles).  In this image, we are walking towards the EXIT sign, yet there is not door to leave, nor no indicator of the direction to take.  There appears to be two doors, one for her, one for him, yet neither one is able to separate from the other.  It is like we both know we need to be independent beings, yet, we are so interwoven, we cannot achieve it without losing the other if that makes sense.

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