Crescent Moon

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I wanted to create an image that illustrates my current state of mind.  I am struggling with where my work fits in this world.  I have heard from so many artists that their creativity ebbs and flows.  Sometimes they are full of ideas and are able to create while other times no matter how hard they try, they are left blank.  Sometimes for me, despite the fact that my brain is working over time and is full of ideas, I am at a loss for what it all means.

For some reason, when I was brainstorming how to illustrate this idea, crescent moons kept coming to the forefront.  When I looked up the meaning of the word crescent, apparently, it  comes from the latin term ceres, meaning to “bring forth, and create.” Ok…..well I started to get some clarity.  The moon, like creativity, follows a path of continual change.  You never see a continual full moon despite the fact that it is always present.  Just like we are never 100 percent full of new ideas.  That doesn’t necessarily mean we are “not creative beings”.  The moon is never seen as a crescent shape all of the time, but the way we see the moon is always changing.  It’s presence is what is contstant, just like our creativity.  How we see it, or access it just changes.  I wanted to create this image of grabbing hold of the idea of “ceres” of the ability to create, as I struggle with how my creativity and photography fits into the world.

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