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Creativity and remaining creative is a constant challenge. It definitely ebbs and flows. There are times when I feel like I am on a high and the ideas are flowing and I am energized and then there are those moments when I can’t shake the cobwebs, when I feel like I will never get another idea ever again. Times when I think I should throw in the towel, become an accountant……..well, I am lying, I would never be able to be an accountant. No offence to the accountants out there, but those who know me know that numbers are not my forte. Times when the negative self talk and self sabotaging are overwhelming. Telling me that I am not good enough. Telling me to give it up. Then, out of the blue, a client (my absolute favourite client but he way) asks me to help her fill her walls with my art……my art apparently speaks to her…resonates with her and she wants to fill her home with it. And then I am back…….back where I am supposed to be. Back to feeling unstoppable. Back to feeling so overwhelmingly content in knowing that all will be well. Back to hearing to positive thoughts reminding me that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing.

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