Clarity of mind

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On a VERY cold day last week, an hour before a huge snow storm, I headed to the lake to take some photos.  What inspired this adventure I do not know.  But, when I get a certain feeling to go create, I rarely ignore it regardless of the circumstances.  The waters were angry and crashed against the ice on the shoreline.  It was COLD……very, very cold.  As I prepared to get out of my car, bundled in my warmest clothes, I questioned what I was doing.  The waterfront was completely abandoned and justifiably so.  Only crazy people went out in this type of weather and walking by the lake only brought out the craziest of the crazies.  I must admit, my walk only lasted 5 minutes.  It was just too damn cold and camera prefers to be warm.  But, amongst the frigid temperatures and gusty winds, I was overcome by a sense of calmness and clarity.  I snapped a few photos, soaked in the sense of clarity and got back in my car.  I knew exactly what photo I would create once I warmed up.

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