Childhood Memories

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2016-05-18_0001During my recent portfolio review, one of my reviewer’s shared with me a story of his childhood.  His story has stayed with me, and inspired my latest photo.  During our discussion about my mother and her death, he revealed that he too had a difficult childhood.  His mother suffered from depression.  One of his most viivd childhood memories is of his mother playing and replaying a record (the band, I just can’t seem to recall).  He mentioned that as a child he was unaware of his mother’s depression.  In adulthood, whenever he hears the song, he is brought back to those memories of his mother.  The image I created is my interpretation of his childhood memory.  His mother hidden under the covers of his bed, while he is left alone, holding the record player and the constant repetitive beat of the song, providing his mother with some comfort.  He is blindfolded…..unaware of the severity of her depression.  Wearing patterned pyjamas reminiscent  of his almost lost childhood and innocence.  Thank you for sharing your story.  And a big thank you to my friend Lise and her son for helping me with the image

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