The beginning of my dream series

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I recently had this idea about dreams.  Wouldn’t it be cool to write down some of your most memorable dreams and recreate them?  Come on….everyone has them.  That dream that scared you, or made you so happy, or that recurring dream that frequently revisits you.  Dreams fascinate me.  Emotions, sensations, feelings……all that occurs in the mind during sleep.  I have asked around for people to share their dreams.  WOW!!!  I am absolutely taken a back by the responses that I have received.  My mind is working over time trying to figure out ways to capture the essence of these dreams in a single image.  Please continue sharing your dreams with me.  I can’t wait to see where this project takes me.  Here is a glimpse of the first in my dream series

This first one was a dream that I recently had about being able to vacuum up winter. I guess these never ending cold temperatures are getting to me. It was a freezing day, but I was determined to get this photo.  During my first attempt at the image I was greeted by a police man who parked nearby.  He approached me and said he “didn’t expect to run into a fairy”.  LOL.

The second image is one that I had after purchasing a rabbit mask at a halloween store for an unrelated photo.  I dreamt I was in a forest, alone and I felt like someone was following me.  You know that feeling.  I turned around and this is what I saw…..flashes of white, but the rabbit’s presence was felt.



Stay tuned.  More dream photos are in the making

2014-03-03_0001 2014-03-03_0002

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