Baby W Newborn Photography

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Baby W and I had a deal………I would go away for three weeks, and he would make his entrance into this world on time.  I packed my bags and headed west to California and then Hawaii.  However, Baby W decided to make his grand entrance three days after I left.  Maybe I misread the memo????  I swear I said three weeks, not three days.  When I received the email from mom and dad that Baby W was born, all I thought to myself was……..”What about our deal?”  I got over it quickly though.Baby W was strong and healthy.  What more could we ask for?  I met Baby W a few days after I got home from vacation.  A little jet lagged and out of sorts, but nothing could keep me away.  This little guy is absolutely beautiful.  Thank you so much for waiting til I returned to capture his debut in pictures.  Enjoy a little glimpse.

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