Up up and away

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Maybe it is my body’s way of subtly hinting that I need a vacation, or maybe it is something more meaningful, either way, I am loving this image.  I dreamt that I was flying…….with the help of a paper airplane…..way up in the clouds.   Wind in my hair.  In reality, of course we can’t fly like this, but in your dreams, you can be and do anything.  I think that is why I am loving this series.  When you become cognizant of your dreams, it is thrilling to marvel at what your mind is capable of.  This dream was liberating.  There is definitely an overwhelming sense of freedom.  It was interesting when I researched the possible meaning of flying in your dreams.   One interpretation that I thought was relevant was that flying  “represents your strong will and mind.  You feel undefeatable, and no one can tell you you can’t do or accomplish what you set out to do”.  WOW…..way to go subconscious!  Talk about a pep talk 🙂paper airplanes

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