All roads lead to home

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I have been grappling with this idea for a while.  Thinking back on my life…what I should have done, what I shouldn’t have done.  Why did I spend 7 years in university working endless hours to be an occupational therapist, and in the end walk away from it, unsure of where exactly my road would take me.  Yet, it is that very uncertainty that allowed me to listen to my heart, discover my true passion and in the end be right where I know I am meant to be.  I truly believe that sometimes our life takes us on detours……sometimes the road is much rougher than we bargained for……other times it is smooth sailing, like you are driving on an open highway with the roof down, yet in the end, we end up right where we are supposed to be.  Those rough patches and obstacles only making us stronger…more resilient.  It’s the journey that we should enjoy.  If we pay attention and appreciate the journey rather then the end goal, wow……it’s an amazing ride.  I try to hold on to each and every memory along the way…the good, the bad and the ugly.  At times, that is difficult. I get impatient. I want to skip a step or two in order to get to the place that I want to be. It’s not a race, I remind myself more times than I care to admit.  Take your time…enjoy where you are right now.  I am convinced that in the end, your journey will always lead you home….right where you are meant to be.2016-04-27_0001

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