A little help from my friends

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Sometimes all you really need to is a little help from a friend.  Although the Beatles song “With a little help from my friends” doesn’t pair with the tones of this image, they share the same premise.  Sometimes, all we need is a little help…moving forward, moving upward.  Build your tribe…those who support you and uplift you.  Those who you can count on.  Those who you know are genuine and truly appreciate you for being you.They accept you for who you are and want the very best for you.  They make you feel understood and they encourage you to go after your goals and pursue your dreams.  They get you through difficult times and are there standing with you during the best of times.  Hold on tight to these people “your people”.  They are hard to come by. This image is dedicated to my tribe GK, DK, AK, SF, LC, JC, MM, AM, MM, LB

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